Learning to Play

This site hosts material for the Book and Course Learning to Play
Reinforcement Learning and Games

The book is published by Springer Verlag, written by Aske Plaat, Leiden University, The Netherlands. You can order a copy here.

By kind permission of the publisher a full preprint pdf is available here for academic or educational purposes, only if the source is referenced or acknowledged in the customary academic way.

The 2022 course in Leiden has a new book

Book Learning to Play Reinforcement Learning and Games
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Intelligence & Games
Chapter 3: Reinforcement Learning
Chapter 4: Heuristic Planning
Chapter 5: Adaptive Sampling
Chapter 6: Function Approximation
Chapter 7: Self-Play
Chapter 8: Conclusion

Lecture Slides
Lecture 1: About the course | video
Lecture 2: Intelligence & Games | video
Lecture 3: Reinforcement Learning | video
Lecture 4: Heuristic Planning | video
Lecture 5: Adaptive Sampling | video
Lecture 6: Function Approximation | video video2
Lecture 7: Self-Play | video video2 video3
Lecture 8: Future & AGI | video

Example Assignments (2020)
Assignment 1: Heuristic Planning
Assignment 2: Adaptive Sampling
Assignment 3: Function Approximation
Assignment 4: Self-Play

Example Exam (2020)
Sample Exam 2020